Special Education


Every attempt is made to provide each disabled student with an academic and social program of education to meet his/her ability. The Fox C-6 School District provides comprehensive services for all resident disabled students as required including:

Conducting an annual census of all disabled children 3 – 21 years; providing a multi-disciplinary evaluation of all children suspected of having a disability and providing all required related and supportive services. In delivering services, the District establishes classes which conform with the federal and state regulations and guidelines and are taught by properly certified teachers.

The Fox C-6 School District’s special education program is a decentralized organizational model, with a site-based management approach. The District has been divided on a geographical basis and has delegated part of its authority and responsibility to each area. All Fox C-6 Schools have extensive special education programs in place. In this model, there is a hierarchy of special and regular education staff, working in a collaborative service delivery system. Special Education staff are supervised and evaluated by the building principal. Policy development, curriculum planning, program operation, system structure personnel, personnel, community relations and staff development are coordinated by the Associate Superintendent for Special Services.