Fox ELL Program Overview

The content of the ELL Program increases language abilities and academic achievement. 

The Fox C-6 ELL program focuses on understanding of social and academic language.

Program Description:

  • Instruction provided in students' home schools
  • Individualized as well as group instruction
  • Assistance within the regular classroom

Direct ELL services- the student will be able to get the support necessary to be productive in a daily classroom setting.  The ELL teacher will work directly with content area teachers to provide support for students.  Various accommodations are also used to assist the students.

Monitored ELL students-the student will be monitored by the ELL teacher to ensure the student is maintaining a healthy and productive academic lifestyle.  The student has proven that he/she is able to function productively in a regular classroom setting and is monitored by an ELL teacher to make sure criteria toward program departure are being met.


District ELL Teachers:

Laura Flannery-
Seckman Elementary, Seckman Middle School, Antonia Middle School, Antonia Elementary, and Hodge Elementary School 

Carolyn Mitchell-Meramec Heights Elementary, Guffey Elementary and Ridgewood Middle

Mary Ann Woods-Sherwood Elementary, Simpson Elementary, Clyde Hamrick Elementary and Lone Dell Elementary

Amela Omeragic-Fox Elementary and Rockport Heights Elementary

Tatiana Kennedy-Fox High School, Fox Middle School and Seckman High School