Posted on 03/13/2018
Maria Scopino presents at the 2018 Parent SummitEach year, the Fox C-6 School District will host a Parent Summit to address topics that are relevant to student education and community growth. It is clear that increased parent involvement leads to greater student success and we hope this summit will be another opportunity for our parents to learn, engage, and collaborate with their peers as well as educators. As a district, our goal is to ensure all students graduate as experts in something they love to do, and our parents play a pivotal role in ensuring that reality comes true for all students.

On March 8, over 730 parents joined educators to attend two sessions of their choice. With over 50 sessions to choose from, parents were able to attend those topics that were most meaningful to them.

“It is extremely humbling to see so many of our parents wanting to be involved in our schools," said Dr. Nisha Patel, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education. "We hope that all the variety of topics provides them with knowledge on areas they are most interested in. Our hope is to continue to foster this partnership over the years to come through successful events like the Parent Summit."

Soon, copies of the presentations used at the Summit this year will be available online. You can learn more and follow along with future Parent Summit events by visiting the PARENTS tab of the Fox C-6 website and selecting "Parent Summit."