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October 16 -20, 2017 is National School Bus Safety Week! Our Transportation Department webpage is full of resources to help parents and the community learn about bus safety. Each year, our representatives from the Transportation Department meet with students throughout the District to teach basic school bus safety skills and rules that help students stay safe on buses. 

Check out some of the resources below to learn more!

Things Parents Should Know About School Bus Safety
Bus Safety Public Service Announcements
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District UPDATES

Dr. Jim Wipke, Superintendent of the Fox C-6 School District announced today that the week of October 16-21, 2017 is observed nationwide as National School Bus Safety Week. “The United States Congress has signed a proclamation and called on the citizens of the nation to exercise constant courtesy and caution when near school buses,” he said. Dr. Wipke stated that the Fox C-6 School District uses over 140 school buses to transport more than 8,600 regular education and special needs students each day. These buses travel approximately 1.3 million miles of daily routes each school year. “During School Bus Safety Week,” added Wipke, “we want to inform the citizens of our district about our pupil transportation program.  We are also asking for their cooperation in helping us to maintain and improve our safety record. Our school bus drivers are doing a great job, but they need the cooperation of other motorists to ensure the safety of our students.” One of the most common driver complaints, according to Dr. Wipke, is that other motorists frequently violate the school bus stop arm laws. “Motorists are required to stop for stopped school buses that are displaying flashing red lights and an extended stop arm.  Sometimes motorists are not fully alert and pass a stopped school bus. This is a very dangerous situation for the children, especially the younger ones who may not be watching traffic as closely as they should.” “We ask that all motorists please be a partner in ensuring the safety of our children by paying particular attention when operating vehicles in and around school buses and bus stops, and by stopping for the red lights and stop arm on school buses as the pick-up and discharge students, both in the neighborhoods and at the schools.”


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