9-12 Summer School Registration

9-12 Summer School

High School Summer School Registration



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Have you ever had a student who attended a Fox C-6 School? (Summer and Early Childhood included) 



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- A student can only take two classes
- A student can only take a core class (math, science, social studies, or language arts) if they have previously taken the class and failed it
- PE is only offered in person in the AM. Health is only offered in person in the PM. If a student wants to take PE twice in the same summer, they would take regular PE in the AM an then take Virtual PE.

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I acknowledge that High school summer school takes place from 8 am thru 3 pm.  There will be supervision starting at 7:45 am and ending at 3:15 pm.  If you drop your kid off before that or pick them up after that, please realize that while there may be staff in the building, they won't be actively supervising them.





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