WatchDOGS Program Sees First Participant This Year

WatchDOGS Program Sees First Participant This Year
Posted on 09/02/2014

SECKMAN MIDDLE SCHOOL • On Friday, August 29th, students at Seckman Middle saw something a little different in their halls and classrooms. Among the usual educators was Craig Hufford, a parent and member of Seckman Middle’s WatchDOGS program. Mr. Hufford was the first participant in the program at Seckman Middle this year.

Craig Hufford
Craig Hufford works with students in Mrs. Williams' American History class.

WatchDOGS, an acronym for DADS OF GREAT STUDENTS, is a program designed to help provide positive male role models for students. Additionally, it provides fathers with the opportunity to connect with their children and have greater insight into the life of a student. The program is based on statistical evidence that indicates strong father figures have a positive impact on teenagers’ academics and personal life choices.

Typically, a WatchDOG schedule consists of greeting students, reading, helping with homework, eating lunch, playing during recess or PE, and sharing with students about their career and life experiences. Fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other significant male influences are all examples of the individuals participating as WatchDOGS.

Other schools in the district with a WatchDOGS program include Hodge Elementary, Simpson Elementary, Sherwood Elementary, Meramec Heights Elementary, and Antonia Middle.

For more information, or if you’re interested in participating in the WatchDOGS program, please visit your child’s school website or contact the program coordinators listed below.

Antonia Middle: Joe Willis
Hodge Elementary: Jim Ray
Meramec Heights Elementary: Kristen Gianino
Seckman Middle: Kolin Peterson
Sherwood Elementary: Jessica Meeks
Simpson Elementary: Jim Ray

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