Solar Power Coming Soon to Fox Schools

Solar Power Coming Soon to Fox Schools!
Posted on 03/06/2014
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At the Fox C-6 Schools we are serious about taking care of our planet and are continually seeking out initiatives that help us meet this goal. This not only includes our approach to recycling, but our approach to conserving our natural resources as well. It has also driven our choice to partner with Missouri’s Brightergy, who will design and install 400 kilowatts of solar energy atop 16 of our building locations - enabling us to produce a part of our energy from the sun and reduce our carbon emissions (see by just how much below).

What to expect: Construction will begin in the coming weeks, so you may see forklifts and roped-off areas on our various campuses as the Brightergy team begins their work. The solar-power systems will either rest atop our flat roofs, or be attached directly to some of our pitched roofs. Once all of the systems are installed, we will have access to them via an online monitoring system. There we’ll be able to review production data in real time - whether we’re looking at one of our systems, or the whole group.

Each of the 16, 25-kilowatt solar power systems will be made up of approximately 90 solar panels. Each of these panels is about 4’x6’, so all together, the 90 panels together create an approximately 2,500 square feet “array.” Our 16 solar arrays will be “grid-connected,” which means that they will be seamlessly integrated into the Ameren Missouri power grid to deliver both solar and traditional power to our buildings. Because we are tied to the Ameren Missouri grid, our systems will not need batteries. The diagram below explains how this works: 

solar diagram

So, how much power is that? 

The Fox Schools 400 kilowatts of solar power will generate enough electricity to power 1,005 60-watt light bulbs 24-hours –a-day for an entire year.**  It’s enough clean power to eliminate 821,289 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually which is environmental equivalent of planting 305 acres of U.S. forest.  This means cleaner air in Missouri and less reliance on fossil fuels.


**How to calculate how many light bulbs your solar energy could power:

1.       A conservative estimate for the number of kilowatts produced by a 25-kilowatt solar-energy system in eastern Missouri is 33,000 kilowatt hours a year.

2.       Take 33,000 x the number of 25-kilowatt solar-energy systems you will be installing to find the total number of kilowatt hours your systems will produce in a year.

3.       Divide XX,XXX kWh / 8,750 (24 x 365 = 8,750) to get XXX kW.

4.       Multiply this number by 1000 to find how many Watts.

5.       Divide the number of Watts by 60 (as in a 60-Watt light bulb) to find the number of 60-watt light bulbs your solar-energy systems would be capable of powering 24-hours-a-day for an entire year.

Example: A school district is installing 5 25-kilowatt solar-energy systems, or 125 kilowatts of solar power.

        5 x 33,000 = 165,000 kWh

        165,000 / 8,750 = 18.85 kW

        18.85 kW x 1,000 = 18,850 Watts

        18,850 / 60 = 314

        Acme School District’s 125 kilowatts of solar power will generate enough electricity to power 314 60-watt light bulbs 24-hours-a-day for an entire year.

For more help or information, visit this wikiHow: