Fox C-6 Schools Prepare for Students

Fox C-6 Schools Prepare for Students
Posted on 08/13/2014
RMS Meeting

August 13th, 2014

(Left: Staff of Ridgewood Middle School listen to a presentation by Principal Jaime Cavato. Throughout the district, staff and faculty have gathered this week to review policies and prepare for 2014-2015 students.
Below: Staff of Seckman Elementary take part in a team building exercise and Seckman High School students welcome freshmen to the Freshman Academy.)

On Monday, buildings throughout the Fox C-6 district gathered as staff to discuss the final days of preparation before students arrive this Thursday. In the open library of Seckman Middle School, Dr. Tammy Cardona began her meeting with an exercise that emphasized cooperation. “We have to be a team,” she stressed. “All of us.”

Something similar is happening in every building throughout the district as faculty and staffs strategize about the upcoming school year. Many of the staff members have spent their summers preparing for this week. Opportunities included a Boot Camp related to technology in the classroom and the Fox C-6 Curriculum Camp, a free, teacher-led conference.

SMS Meeting

These events have culminated in the final days of summer before the 2014-2015 students arrive. Now, buildings go over final details about policies, procedures, and curriculum as teachers begin making final changes to their rooms. At Ridgewood Middle School, Mrs. Jaime Cavato discusses the importance of staying up to date on changing state curriculum guidelines. One strategy taking place at Ridgewood Middle is a staff book study of Sean Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to encourage efficiency not only among staff, but among students as well.

Meanwhile, at Seckman High School, students are already getting a taste of the new school year. Class of 2018 freshmen had the opportunity to visit the high school, walk through a mini-schedule of their day, and get a feel for what life in high school is really like. The event was hosted by Seckman High School Renaissance and Student Council.

SHS Freshman Academy

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