Fox C-6 Educators Receive Classroom Grant

Guffey's Sixth Grade Team Receives MRTA Grant
Posted on 08/29/2014
Grant Awarded

GEORGE GUFFEY ELEMENTARY • On Wednesday, representatives from the Missouri Retired Teachers Association, including MRTA vice-president Nancy Craig, presented a check to Mrs. Gen Reinheimer and her team at Guffey Elementary. The money comes as part of a grant from the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation Classroom Grant Program. The grant of $250 will be used to purchase new literature for the students in the classroom.

Mrs. Reinheimer applied for the grant in May 2014. As a part of the application process, she described the community of 6th grade learners at Guffey, and the desire to use the grant funds to aid in transitioning to new Core Standards set by the state. Of 190 applicants, 42 were awarded grants by the MRTA this year.

The grant awarded to Mrs. Reinheimer and her team came from a decision to split the normal $500 award between two schools the MRTA saw as equally worthy. “I’m thrilled that they chose to split a grant so that my team and I could receive the funds,” Mrs. Reinheimer said.

The 6th grade team at Guffey includes Mrs. Reinheimer, Mrs. Pam Wieners, Miss Nicole Walter, and Mrs. Katie Collins. These educators will use the funds to purchase a new class set of a chapter book called “The Cay,” by Theodore Taylor. The book focuses on themes of friendship, respect, and survival.

The award comes not only as a professional accomplishment, but a personal one as well. One of Mrs. Reinheimer’s colleagues, Ms. Shelley Ahner, passed away due to cancer at the beginning of last school year. “my…friend [Shelley Ahner] taught me to always focus on what is BEST for the grade level. I know that she would be proud of our grant award and of how Guffey’s sixth grade team is continuing to be strong, focused, and successful.”

Guffey Grant

Pat Lane, Ken Dillner, and Nancy Craig of the MRTA present a check to the 6th grade team at Guffey including Mrs. Reinheimer, Mrs. Wieners, Miss Walter, and Mrs. Collins.

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