Grandfather Rights and Form

(To be completed and returned to the building principal of the school you wish your student to attend under grandfather rights)

Grandfathering” due to Boundary Changes

The Fox C-6 School District has developed a preliminary plan for integrating students into new school boundaries. We have reached out to several school districts in the Missouri to seek feedback on how they have transitioned students due to boundary changes, and we used this information to develop a plan that will be most beneficial to our students and their families, as well as accomplish our enrollment goals through moving boundaries.  

While several of the districts we contacted only “grandfathered” students entering the final grade level of that school, we have adjusted that plan to accommodate more of our students.  Under our plan, students who would be assigned to a new school due to the boundary changes will have the opportunity to be “grandfathered” into remaining at their current school. The information below will aid families in making the decision to continue the student’s education at his or her current school.

  • Only the student who currently attends the school will be allowed to be “grandfathered” into staying at the school in which they are currently enrolled. Siblings who do not currently attend that school will attend the school assigned to that address after the boundary change.

  • The district will not provide transportation for students who attend any school other than the school that services their address.

  • When the student is promoted to a grade above the school in which he or she is currently enrolled (such as being promoted from elementary school to middle school, or from middle school to high school), the student will proceed on the feeder pattern for the school that is assigned to his or her address, not the feeder pattern of the school he or she attended.

  • If students wish to remain at the school they have been grandfathered into, a Grandfathered Student Notification Form must be completed by parents for each child, each year.  This form should be submitted to the building principal of the school the student is grandfathered into no later than the last day of the previous school year.  For the 2016-2017 school year the last day of school is May 17th unless we have inclement weather.  Regardless the forms must be completed by the last day of student attendance.


The process for transfer requests for students who are NOT grandfathered into a particular school due to the boundary changes will remain the same as in past years. Families who, due to extenuating circumstances, wish for their child/children to attend a school other than the school that services their address, may complete a transfer application. Transfer requests are reviewed annually and must be resubmitted each year. Transfer requests must be approved by the building principal and Assistant Superintendent of Elementary/Secondary Education. Approval of transfer requests is based on the reason for the request as well as the available spots at the requested school and the requested grade level.